TALK SPICY: 7 Months In Business!

TALK SPICY: 7 Months In Business!

Usually people celebrate their 1st year in business - but I'm celebrating my 7th month. Why? 

I started Spicy HairCare as a vision, and literally jotted it down in my notebook. I mapped out everything that I would need to make it successful, even down to the name. I wanted to do everything correctly, no matter how much it would cost me.

In the Bible, the number 7 symbolizes completion and perfection. As I approached the 7th month of being in business - I knew that there was a purpose. Everything that I've experienced with my brand has brought me to this point, and I am extremely grateful. On the days where I sell out of everything and the days that I sell nothing at all, I'm still grateful for the opportunity.

Cheers to month 7, and the beginning of the 4th quarter!

- Bri Woo

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